Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a ......???

A group of first graders decided that for this year's pageant they would produce their very own Christmas program. They produced their own updated nativity story. All the major characters were there...Joseph, the shepherds, the angels, the wise men from afar...but where was Mary?

Shortly after the production began, there was heard some moaning and groaning coming from behind the bales of straw...Mary was in labor!

A first grader doctor with a white coat and black bag was ushered onto the stage and then disappeared with Joseph behind the bales of straw. After a few moments, the doctor emerged from behind the bales of straw with a jubilant smile on his face and holding a baby in his arms. With great drama in his presence, he solemnly announced in a loud voice, to the audience: "It's a GOD!"

Who says kids don't get the true meaning of Christmas???

Story taken from Mini Moments for Christmas by Robert Strand Copyright 1996


Lin said...

Sure have missed you guys. Love, Lin

Marsh said...

I love it! Sounds like these kids knew what Christmas was truly about!