Saturday, April 28, 2007

So What Do YOU Think?

We've had several days of gray skies and rain here in Ohio.

What are some of the fun/crazy/silly/creative ways you or your kids (or someone you know) wile away the hours on days like this, to keep from losing your mind?


Clyde said...

I did it by playing war.

Favorite sister from CO said...

Playing war or the real thing with your brother???
Didn't realize you had a second blog, until I saw the link on Clyde's blog.
I used to let the girls make tents, to play in. A sheet over a couple of chairs works, or over the kitchen table. They loved it! It made the house feel more unorganized, but kept them busy "camping out"

joni said...

He meant a card game!

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Monopoly! It can go on for a looong time!

Christina said...

Tent idea is a great one. I remember doing that for hours with my sister.
Sometimes, I let the girls have art time. I pull out the markers, scissors, glue, computer paper and let them create at the kitchen table. Rachel has been making bookmarkers and play money and selling the bookmarkers to me.
At the daycare I use to work at we would take the kids to the movies. We never actually left we just set up the room with chairs, made tickets, made popcorn and put it in paperbages and watched our movie.
You could do something more educational like pretend you were going on a trip. Have the kids make passports, pack their bags, set up a plane in your living room and you could be the flight attendant (make sure to offer peanuts LOL). Have the kids do a little research about the place they would like to go. For example if it is Hawaii, have a luau, have a fruit snack, make paper leis, and learn about their culture. Afterward get on the plane and go home or go somewhere else.
My girls always like to play resturant. I will have them make a menu. We will set the table up real nice with candles, napkins for their lap and everything else for a fine dinning expierence. Don't forget that they need to make resevations. Then I will be the cook of course and the waitress. I will wear and apron, carry a pad of paper and talk with an accent. I love teasing them a little and then place their order of peanut butter and jelly with a side of chips and apples. And I always make them have great table manners and pay for their very expensive meal.
When I was little we would play school. We would set up the basement like a classroom. Then one of us would be the teacher. We would make a lesson plan and make our own homework pages. We would set up the chalk board and actually teach lessons. We would have snack time, recess, detention and all that fun stuff. Then we would switch roles, because we both wanted to be the teacher.
Man, those were fun times.

Your favorite sister from CO said...

Glad to hear it was just a card game and not real war!!!