Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sunny Day Fun

It's a quite-warm day here in Ohioland. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The humidity is climbing. Nothing like that Ohio sweat bath we get every summer!

I liked some of the creative ideas you had for rainy day fun. Have to try some of those out sometime.

So what do you do OUTDOORS on a sunny day? Sidewalk chalk...play catch...blow bubbles...??? Give me your creative ideas!

One fun thing we did last summer was play "volleyball" over the top of our swingset!


Chantay said...

My kids and I play tag-team wrestling on the trampoline. We usually go girls against boys. It's fair since my oldest is now taller than I am. Big fun.

christina said...

You could do a treasure hunt. Get some compasses and teach them how to use them. It would take some set up work but could be fun. If you have a sidewalk draw a road on it with stop signs and stuff. Let them ride their bikes on it and obey the rules. We use to play volleyball over the house! When it is warmer, sprinklers are always fun. We had a funeral for a dead bird one time. LOL We set up chairs brought out a piano. Did it's last rights. Had so much fun we dug it up and did it again. LOL

Hidden One said...

Whatever happened to just going for a walk and admiring the Creator's Creation? That's always fun!