Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's a War!

There's a war going on at our house. And it's hilarious!

Our oldest son recently hid one of his squeaky Veggie Tales characters, Bob the Tomato, in the towel cupboard in our bathroom. He was hoping his dad would find it. Then Larry the Cucumber showed up. Then Laura and Junior. The thing is, my hubby decided to get him back. So the veggies have shown up in beds and church shoes.

Not to be outdone, son #2 decided to start hiding his Bionicles figures, too. Cereal cabinets, lunch boxes, refrigerator...no place is safe!

My husband finally decided to put a limit on things, though. They're not allowed hiding them in our bedroom any more. And, they have to choose one character and hide only that one character.

Still, it's keeping things interesting around our house!


Anonymous said...

You aren't safe from me tonight.

Chantay said...

Wish my kids would hide their toys; maybe that would cut down on the clutter

Joni said...

I know who you are, and where you live! :o)

I, too, have discovered that no matter how large the toybox, the toys don't like living there. Hmm...