Friday, May 25, 2007

Kansans Helping Kansans

Hutch News Photo

Each day, I am amazed again at how people are working to help the people of Greensburg. While I realize there are efforts all over the country, today I am focusing on Kansans who are helping.

One of those I must mention is Mike Greenleaf, a Greensburg resident. You can read about the rodeo (isn't that a great picture, too?) in this Hutch News article about Mike.

On the "Rebuilding Greensburg--Block by Block" front, Laura is having great success. It's still not to late to send her your afghan squares. All the info. you need is at Sugar Bunny Boulevard.

I read in today's Hutch News about two benefit concerts being held, which will raise funds for Greensburg. One is a concert with Christian artist Mark Schultz (who is a native Kansan!). The article is on the Hutch News website.

Closer to home (well, relatively speaking), an imaging system developed by my uncle's business is being used to help in the recover efforts. I'm including the text of his e-mail, as he can explain better than his technologically-challenged niece:


FEMA ordered aerial images acquired over Greensburg to document damage and aid anyone in the recovery process. I am proud to say that my multispectral imaging system (the TerraHawk Aerial Imaging System with MS3100 camera) was used. The University of Kansas flew their plane and own two of my imaging systems. The following link has images of Greensburg in both RGB natural color and in CIR which is made bands in near infrared, red and green. They show more detail. The images were acquired from about 6,000 feet and have about half meter pixel resolution at that altitude and lens that was used. You can download and look at the images at this web site:

Dewain Davis, President
TerraVerde Technologies

Thank you all!!!!!

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