Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Charlotte Has a Web...But Not in MY House!

My youngest son (AKA Clyde) recently read Charlotte's Web. Then we were able to view both the new and old versions of the movie. Now we have a new rule: We must leave outdoor spiders to themselves. Indoor spiders, or spiders trying to become indoor spiders, may be terminated. (Those on the door or near it are fair game!) How is it that this young child who used to try to eat rocks, revels in getting filthy-dirty, has broken each of his arms once, and is a bundle of boy-energy...suddenly has the softest heart toward these little creatures? I love it (his soft heart, not the spiders)!

And how can he love these 8-legged things that give me the "willies", yet not want to hold a nice, wiggly worm? :o) I'm just glad he doesn't want to hold spiders, either!


Chantay said...

I think it's cute that Clyde has a soft spot for spiders. Charlotte's Web is a great story; we saw the new movie a while ago, but my kids are still terrified of the little buggers.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

I'm laughing as I read this! I know what you mean!

There are a lot of things that would scare most people that I'm not afraid of, but spiders.... *shudder*

When my son was about 14 months old, I saw a spider and gasped. He looked at me. I looked at him. I realized that I was passing along my irrational fear, so I said, "Oh, look at the cute little spider!"

The little stinker started catching them and bringing them to me! Ack!

Good luck!

Clyde said...

I don't mind holding a worm. In fact,I held a centipede thinking it was a worm.

Becky said...

how funny!!!

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

A centipede! Yikes! haha!

Worms are cool.

I love frogs!

Sister from CO said...

the story to Charlotte's Web is cute enough to make you almost like spiders, rats, and other things. Kind of like those movies that have cute little mice on them, you know? You can almost like them, until you remember what a real mouse looks like.
BOth your boys have such tender hearts.....