Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Small World of Blogging

Okay, my friends. Follow the bouncing ball with me for a moment. Eldest son follows link from his own blog profile, to find other blogs where bloggers have similar interests. Asks to go to one of those blogs. Mom (that's me!) must check said blogger out to make sure blogger is not some adult posing as a kid, etc. Mom goes to blog(s) of said blogger. Reads several interesting posts, also noting last name of blogger sounds really familiar. Finds links to blogger's parents' blogs. Discovers that the blogger is the son of someone my husband and I knew in college! No way!!! (So, yes, son, you may comment on his son's blog.)

Hubby and I met at Central Bible College, in Springfield, MO. The campus only had about 1,100 students. I had a philosophy class with the jr. blogger's dad. One day, I used chapel time (I know, shame on me!) for a rendezvous at the local Denny's with some other college chums (names omitted to protect the guilty!). Denny's had this great "free refills on coffee" policy. Except that yours truly has a very low tolerance for caffeine. By time philosophy class rolled around, I had downed at least 4 cups of Denny's best. I was wired! The slightest noise made me react like a bomb had gone off! The two gentlemen seated next to me (blogger sr. being one of them) thought it was a neat trick to pop the caps off their highlighters, just to see me react. They enjoyed it. I got dizzy from all the whiplash-inducing responses to the noise of a cap dropping on the tile floor. I'm sure our professor, Bro. Black, thought I'd lost my mind!

So over 18 years later, I find this guy's blog. And I didn't mention the coffee-induced hyper state. Didn't even hint at it. I mean, we went to college together for a few years. I'm sure there were many more outstanding memories than my caffeine trip. And what does he say? Of course he remembered philosophy class. He was "twitching" just thinking about it! Can you believe that? Ha!

Lots of water under the bridge, my friend. But it's good to know you're doing well, and God is using you and your family in the furthering of His kingdom. Wouldn't it be great if our kids could be great blogging buddies?

Ah, the wonders of the www.

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Queeny said...

It's a small world after all -- even on the blogosphere. How cool that you reconnected with a college classmate. My tiny alma mater's planning a multi-year reunion and I can't wait to see all those old familiar faces. It's been almost 18 years since I graduated.