Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Did You Say?

Just to let my readers know, I have added "comment moderation" to this blog. I have found that I sometimes miss comments left on older posts. And, of course, I want to see every wise word left by every reader! (wink! wink!) After you leave a comment, blogger will store it for me to view the next time I sign in. Then I will have to approve it before it actually shows up on my blog. Thanks for your understanding!


Mrs. Darling said...

Dont you have it set to send the comments to your eamil? That's where I catch the ones left on old entrys. It's still a good idea though to use comment moderation. YOu can then wipe out the comments from trolls. I cant tell you how many problems Ive had with trolls on my blog!

Joni said...

I tried doing it that way, but it was just too much hassle for me. This way, whenever I sign in at blogger, it tells me how many comments have been left. If I click, "post name" it tells me what post the comments were left on. I can read the comments, then decide if they can be posted on my blog or not. Yes, there have been trolls on my blogs, too!