Monday, July 9, 2007

Church Discipline

Several years ago, my husband did a teaching on church discipline, according to Matthew 18. A parishioner sent him this e-mail. I've kept it all this time, just because it's too original and humorous to delete!

Bill billed Bob for a bad abode.
Bob brought the bad building matter to Bill.
Bill battled Bob over the bad building.
Bob brought the matter to the brothers.
Bill blew off the brothers.
The Body bounced Bill.

Matthew 18 has never been easier to understand! :0)


Harry said...

This is pretty difficult for an 11 year old to understand.

Keith said...

I can't remember what I taught, or even the illustration that led to that limrick. But every time I read that I laugh and think how simple it really is.

Thanks, Scott!!!

Hidden One said...

I like it.

Harry said...
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Harry said...

That'll twist your tongue into a knot!