Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Are???

On my other blog, I recently posted about our youngest son, "Clyde," celebrating his 8th birthday (July 23rd). It is amazing how quickly those eight years have flown by. A few people left comments regarding the age of their "babies". I truly understand. I am the baby in my family, too.

I love the smell of an infant after he/she has been freshly bathed. There's that sweet freshness of baby powder and, I think, the fragrance of innocence. I love touching their little toes, fingers, and ears. I love gazing at a sleeping infant.

And yet, thinking back on the baby days of my boys makes me realize how much older I am, too! I'm no longer the mom of "little" children. I have a pre-teen and a young boy. I can only hope that we are all maturing, even as we are aging!

Recently, as I heard of yet another young celebrity who is battling alcohol and the media frenzy surrounding it all, I thought: I'd so love to just sit down with that young lady and remind her of what is truly important in life. I enumerated several items to my husband, as I expressed my desire to help out this young woman. Then it hit me: I'm really old enough to be her MOM! Yikes! :~0

I guess it just goes with the territory...but aging sure isn't something I expected to come upon me so quickly!


Pat said...

Age does have a habit of sneaking up on us doesn't it? I just had a milestone birthday (60 yikes!) and as much as I hate it, I also like the maturing of my spirit. I guess I have to go with the good because I can't turn back time! There would be a problem if my spirit didn't mature as I aged, so I do appreciate the Lords goodness that he gives us the privedge every moment to draw closer to Him.
Love the picture of the babies feet!

Joni said...

I loved that picture so much. I couldn't resist using it! They make you just want to reach out and caress their sweet softness, don't they?

Queeny said...

Although I long for the days when my littlest ones (4 and 6) become more independent, their youth is about the only thing that keeps me feeling young these days. So, in a way, I don't want to rush them, either. What a contradiction, huh?