Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Journey Back in Time

Recently, our family visited Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI (outside Detroit). I hadn't visited there since our oldest son was a baby. What a wonderful day, and a great memory to share with our kids!

If you're not familiar with Greenfield Village, it is the brainchild of the late Henry Ford (yes, the one of automotive fame). He brought together a collection of historic buildings from all over the United States--and even some from other countries. Buildings include: the Wright Brothers' Cycle Shop; a courthouse from Illinois, in which Abraham Lincoln practiced law; Noah Webster's home; Thomas Edison's lab; and a wealth of others too numerous to mention. There are also crafters: glass blowers, tin smiths, wool weavers, etc. My personal favorite is the "working farm, circa 1800's". While we were visiting, the men were harvesting the wheat crop with scythes. The women were in the kitchen, working to make the men's harvest meal. They grow crops, raise their own livestock, etc.

The kids all loved the old-time carousel. At one point, the music was, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Everyone joined in singing. What a time they had!

One of the special highlights of the day was the old-time baseball game. We saw the Lah-De-Dahs (pictured above) take on the Nationals (pictured below). They play by 1800's rules. And, as you can see, they wear the appropriate uniforms. (You have to understand that in the 1800's, there were no gloves used. They caught bare-handed!) It was such a treat to watch. We all sat on a grassy hillside, and got caught up in the camaraderie with the players. There was even a band playing 1800's music. I'm not sure who won the game, as we left at about the 5th inning to go tour other sites. It was a memorable time, though!

These are the things I love passing on to my kids: memories made with family. I hope I took enough pictures! :o)


Harry said...

That was a lot of fun.

I could tell the people on the carousel believed in harmony!

Pat said...

Greenfield Village is just a few miles from my home - it's one of my favorite places! They actually have a charter school there that goes all the way through the 12th grade - everyone wants to go to it!
We went there last Christmas for their Holiday events and we really loved it. I might be a little biased, but I think its a treasure!

Marsh said...

That sounds like a really neat place to visit. No wonder you wanted to take the are your mothers I'm sure you took lots of pictures! What a neat family memory!