Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ah, Snow Days!

I am enjoying the quiet of my house today. It is peaceful here, with only the occasional buzzing of the dryer to remind me there are tasks to be done. I have a hot cup of tea awaiting me (if I remember to take the mug out of the microwave!). Why such bliss??? I have just survived two snow days!

You may wonder why it is such a big deal, since I used to home school my kids. We were together 24-7 in those days. But I did enjoy my occasional jaunts to Wal-Mart or a quiet space at a bookstore when my husband would let me just get out of the house on my own. Still, it was part of our routine, and it was fine.

Now that my kids have been in school since August, though, I really do notice the difference when they're both home all day. A couple of weeks ago, "Clyde" was sick for the entire week of school. When he went back to school after Presidents' Day, the house seemed almost tomb-like. This week, they were both home on Tuesday and Wednesday, due to the snow accumulations. I loved having them here. But I do have to admit that having the house to myself all day is really a nice thing, too! Especially since they really couldn't go out yesterday, because it was just too cold.

When I thought of sending the kids to school, I thought my entire existence would be about loneliness and too much quiet. Was I wrong! I found that a mom really does need some solitude once in awhile. However, I do admit there are days when I really miss having them here. But when I think about the benefits for them, it all equals out.

Still, I do love the occasional snow day!

By the way, if you want to share a great book about snowflakes and snowflake photography with your kids, check out the book Snowflake Bentley, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. There is also a Snowflake Bentley website.


Anonymous said...

The last snowflake is a fake!

Joni said...

Actually, I think the snowflake is real, but they super-imposed it over that cool background.

And besides, the point of the post has nothing to do with whether the flake is real...or just a flake! :o)

impworks said...

Actually as I made the last image I can confirm the first comment that its entirely fake. The snowflake is a 3d object made using xFrog and then the picture was rendered in e-on software Vue.

Still I'm pleased you like it.

You can see the originals here: