Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Chat

I haven't just "chatted" with my readers for awhile. So, pull up a chair and a hot cup of coffee, and we'll get started!

Speaking of coffee...I'm not a big coffee drinker. I like the occasional "cup of joe." I really, really like a good Caramel Machiatto (sp?) at Starbucks. But, alas, I have to have decaf. Caffeine does bad things to my system, and my sleep. My in-laws gave me a new coffee maker for my birthday. My wonderful hubby bought me a chocolate truffle coffee, which I am enjoying immensely. I did find this interesting article on the health benefits on coffee, for those of you who just have to have that first cup of coffee to get your day going.

Last week was a looong week. I know they all have seven days. But last week's seven days felt a bit more like seventeen or more. The week began with Harry's birthday. But then the kids both got sick. A trip to the dr., and we thought we were good to go. Harry actually missed only one day of school. Clyde, on the other hand, just couldn't get rid of the fever. By Thursday, we knew he needed something different. The dr. had to go with a different antibiotic. Finally, on Friday, he was starting to perk up a little. I just hate it when my kids are sick, though. Listening to them cough those horrible, hacking coughs just breaks my heart. I was happy to be able to send them back to school today, knowing they were both feeling much, much better. (They had Presidents' Day off yesterday, too.)

It is cold in our part of the country. Last week, the kids had a day off school because the windchill was -15 to -20, depending on how hard the wind was gusting at the particular moment. We've had more snow over the past couple of weeks, too. It certainly feels like winter! I'm not a big winter person. I think snow is pretty, and I know it's necessary for putting nutrients into the soil, protecting crops, etc. But I sure hate the cold winds. I love spring, summer, and fall. I miss being able to go out and take a walk without losing the feeling in my fingers, toes, nose, ears, etc.!

As I mentioned before, Lent has begun. If any of you have any great ideas for some meatless dishes, please pass them along! We try not to eat too much fish, as we get tired of it rather quickly. Other than that, I just try to find things that taste okay if the meat is omitted. My family is pretty much a "meat and potatoes" crew, so that doesn't help.

I am contemplating trying to make an afghan. I am not good at just sitting and doing handwork. I like to be up and about, getting things done. (Okay, I realize sitting at the computer is an exception to that rule. But crocheting really does bore me. I get too fidgety.) We'll see if I actually follow through. Once the wamer weather starts, I know I won't have any interest in staying inside the house to crochet. I'll want to be out planting flowers, taking a walk, or just enjoying listening to the birds.

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for now. I just thought an original post now and then would be nice, rather than always posting funny/interesting/thought-provoking items I have received via e-mail.

Have a great week!

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger's spellcheck? I can't get it to work at all.


Queeny said...

Wow! You said a mouthful. Had a lot on your mind, did ya?

We've had a little flu bug or something buzzing around here, too. So far, I've only had to miss one day of work to mend a sick kid. The other two only had slight symptoms, but nothing to warrant missing school.

As for spellcheck, I never use it, though I should, but I've read other blogs and comments complaining about the malfunctioning function. Maybe someone at Blogger is working on it.

Marsh said...

It was great to "catch up" with you! I have trouble with caffeine too... must be a family thing.....but a decaf caramel macchiato is pretty "stinkin" good, you know? Glad to hear the boys are better....now to keep you and the hubby well!
Love ya!

Hidden One said...

"Last week, the kids had a day off school because the wind chill was -15 to -20, depending on how hard the wind was gusting at the particular moment."

We don't get it off unless it hits -35. Lucky kids - I'd have half my winter off with those temperature standards! (Heck, buses aren't cancelled until -25 without wind chill.)